Administrative Assistant

  1. Office Administration
  2. General Supervision
  3. Receipt of tapals and noting of section
  4. Daily checking of attendance Register of Non-teaching staff
  5. Daily checking of attendance Register of Non-teaching staff
  6. Attending all papers, Registers and files submitted by all clerks and Head Accountant.
  7. Assignment of duties to Last Grade Servants.
  8. Inspection of personal registers of all section clerk
  9. Verification of cash book and connected documents daily
  10. Attending the college council meeting, purchase committee meeting and Planning Board.
  11. State Public Information Officer.

Head Accountant

  1. In charge of cash, Maintenance of cash book, PD cash book, cheque books, PA Register, Demand Drafts and all other valuable items related to cash.
  2. Maintenance of PA Register, all vouchers and all other subsidiary Registers related to cash book.
  3. All disbursement of cash from the office and remittance to Treasury in time.
  4. Verification of all vouchers connected with cash including Library Development fund.
  5. Maintenance of all PD Accounts ie. General, PD, CDC PD, and making necessary payments & safe custody of all vouchers related to all PD Accounts and all payments.
  6. Safe custody of chalan receipts in date-war
  7. Safe custody of all contingent bills plan, non-plan and used TR5 receipts.
  8. Verification of files, vouchers and Registers related to accounts section.
  9. Issue of yearly closing balance certificate to Treasury regarding all PD accounts.
  10. Maintenance of all files of Audit of accounts of Accountant General and Department, production of all documents such as contingent bills TA bills, vouchers, Registers, chalan receipts etc for Audit of Accountant General and Department.
  11. Preparation and forwarding of reply to the Audit objections raised by Accountant General and Department in time.   All clerks will assist the Head Accountant in this regard.
  12. All private exams. work, settlement of account, assignment of duties to clerk and other staff of this college.
  13. Assistant State Public Information Officer.

A1 Section

  1. Preparation of all kinds of Establishment pay bills & Teaching staff and Non-teaching staff, PF bills arrear bills, TA bills for encashment and safe custody of the office copy of the bills.
  2. Maintenance of recovery Registers and pass books related to salary bills of Teaching staff and Non-teaching staff.
  3. Preparation of acquaintance rolls for disbursement.
  4. Issue of LPC, Pay particulars and salary certificates to Teaching staff and Non-teaching staff.
  5. Sanction of temporary advance and from GPF to all members of Teaching staff and Non-teaching staff.
  6. Sanction of Medical reimbursement and preparing bills.
  7. All kinds of bill, plan, Non-plan fund and others.
  8. Preparation of Annual Budget estimate and surrender of appropriation.
  9. Professional tax, Income tax of Teaching staff, Non-teaching staff & Guest Lecturers.
  10. Expenditure statement, monthly  progress report, Revenue receipt statement, reconciliation with treasury figures and forwarding to  Higher Education, Department, Thiruvananthapuram.
  11. Any other works allotted by the Principal from time to time.

A2 Section

  1. E-grants of SC, ST, OEC, OBC and KPCR students and all scholarships.
  2. Fee collection, all collections (Fees and miscellaneous) and safe custody of fee receipt books and stock register.
  3. Maintenance of DFCR, Team fee register, caution deposit register and collection of caution deposit.
  4. Printing of college calendar, admission forms, identity cards, sales and safe custody of admission forms.
  5. Works of college union election and magazine.
  6. Utilization of PD account, preparing of DCB statement and forwarding to Director of collegiate education, Thiruvananthapuram.
  7. Book Bank scheme, various stamps distribution.
  8. Library Development fund and  utilization.
  9. Survey –AISHE, NSS.
  10. Auction of unserviceable articles and utensils.
  11. Annual stock verification of furniture, books and all other materials.
  12. Allotment of Auditorium.
  13. All works connected with utilization of special fee, PD fund such as Athletic, stationery, medical inspection, Magazine, Union & Association, Women’s study, SAF & G.
  14. Any other works allotted by the Principal from time to time.

B Section

  1. All works related to Establishment Teaching staff and Non-teaching staff.
  2. Maintenance of Service books and its register, establishment register of Teaching staff and Non-teaching staff, Increment register etc and safe custody of them.
  3. Appointment of staff including Guest lecturers.
  4. Sanctioning of all kinds of leave, surrender of Earned leave, maintenance of casual leave register of Teaching staff and Non-teaching staff and verification of all leaves of teaching staff.
  5. Work load of teaching staff for appointing of Guest lecturers.
  6. Administrative reports to Government.
  7. Confidential report, property statement of Teaching staff and Non-teaching staff.
  8. All works related to pension of Teaching staff and Non-teaching staff.
  9. FIP Fellowship and files of UGC grants.
  10. Orientation course, In-service course, Seminar, Workshop under Plan scheme and UGC.
  11. All works related to purchase under Plan scheme and Local purchase.
  12. Maintenance of Master stock Register of all items purchased under all Funds.
  13. All petty work such as repairing of furniture, numbering of furniture, binding of old registers etc.
  14. Utilization of CDC fund and matching grant.
  15. Any other work allotted by the Principal from time to time.
  16. Construction, Electrification, maintenance of college building with PWD, KSEB & KWA.

C Section

  1. Admission of students – custodian of all qualifying certificates and preparation of nominal roll.
  2. Maintenance of Admission Register, Identity card Register and its safe custody.
  3. Matriculation returns and recognition of qualifying certificates.
  4. Statistical date – preparation and  forwarding to University and Government.
  5. Starting of new courses and affiliation of courses.
  6. Syllabus and Academic matters & students complaints.
  7. University examination – All works including issue of mark list and custody of mark lists with register and preparation of accounts and forwarding of University in time.
  8. Issue of mark list, TC & CC to students.
  9. Preparation of students Attendance Register and Medical inspection of students.
  10. Issue of Railway concession, Bus concession and hall ticket.
  11. Students attendance, condonation, students complaint – all works.
  12. Re-admission, Court case related to students.
  13. Sales and safe custody of admission forms.
  14. All works related to Right to Information Act 2005.
  15. Any other work allotted by the Principal from time to time.

C Section

  1. Fair copying – all  works.
  2. Maintenance of Fair copy register.
  3. Checking of mail in all sites daily.
  4. Despatch & Maintenance of Service postage stamps and accounts and safe custody of stamps and Stock Register.
  5. Any other work allotted by the Principal from time to time.

Confidential Assistant:

  1. Distribution of Tapals (inward) to all sections.
  2. Maintenance and custody of stationary and Stock Register.
  3. Checking of mail in all sites daily.
  4. All confidential nature of work.
  5. Internal exams, Redo and connected documentations.
  6. Any other work allotted by the Principal from time to time.