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Dr. Anusree A

Associate Professor


17 Years

Law and Social Transformation, Juvenile Delinquency

1. Doctrine of consent and Narco Analysis: A relational challenge,Cochin University Law Review, Vol XXXIX January- December 2015, Nos 1-54 at pp.74-97

2.State Action Requirement Under Indian Constitution: Conceptual Challenges in the era of Human Rights, Vol. 2, Issue 5, Journal of Legal Studies and Research, ISSN 2455-2437, October 2016.

3. “ Forensic Psychology tests: Need for a comprehensive Legislation” published in International Journal for Research in Law ISSN 2454-8715, vol1, Issue 3, April 2016,pp 174-193.

4. Right to Compensation for victims of Crimes in India: Need for a Comprehensive Legislation” published in International Journal for Legal Developments and Allied Issues ISSN 2454-1273, vol2,issue1,January 2015

5.Women Empowerment in India: Legal and Constitutional Aspects, Published in Prof. Thomas V Pulickal, Dr. B Pradeep Kumar & Dr. Moti George (ed), In pursuit of Woman Empowerment, Scholar Publications, Assam,2017, pp.27-48.

6. Prosecution of offenders of Trafficking of Children: problems and perspectives. Whither Domestic Violence Law in India – Analysis of Efficacy Published in “ Golden Rights” Publication Committee, Dept of Politics, Government College, Nattakam, Penta House, Kottayam, 2010 pp 82-116