Criminal Law, an important, independent branch of public law, regulates the state’s right to punish the individual both from material and procedural perspective (Penal Code/Criminal Procedure). Govt. Law College Ernakulam is offering a Five Year Integrated Double Degree course on Law, degree component with criminology and law as the main subject; Forensic science and Public administration as the subsidiaries. Apart from that, we also offer a Three year degree course in law .We also offer LLM Post graduation degree in Criminal law. College is a research centre with many research scholars undertaking their research for doctorate in Criminal laws. The Centre is concerned with the different levels of Criminal Law in its teaching and research activities. The basic course of studies and exam preparation primarily comprise of compulsory courses in Criminal law. Supported by the study groups, the lectures systematically address the core themes by drawing attention on case studies. Lectures are combinations of teaching based on relevant public case law, along with contemporary academic discussion, public debates and practical application of the acquired knowledge in case studies. Exercises focus exclusively on practical case studies, whereas through the seminars students are able to gain first experience in independent scientific work by addressing specific and mostly to the cutting-edge topics. Knowledge acquisition and Legal methodology are therefore seamlessly linked to the same. The Criminal Law Centre proposes to undertake the development and delivery of technical assistance programs, to develop tools and manuals, journals, and conducts research and policy analysis. It shall carry out its work by means of research, training, publications and capacity building. The Centre: • conducts research and policy analysis. • undertakes the development and delivery of technical assistance programs. • under takes projects on relevant topics. • develops tools, including handbooks, journals. • provides public information, creates legal awareness among general public, consultation, and education related to tackling crime, protecting victims, developing more effective and fair justice systems.