Centre for Law Governance and Policy Studies (CLGPS)

The Centre has been conceived as a platform for the academic community of this institution to conscientiously and purposively interact with the society on matters of policy and governance and its implementation and impact. A broad array of interventions is proposed to be undertaken by the Centre for initiating continuous dialogue, academic discourses with a critical inter disciplinary perception and also by providing space for effective societal interfaces and shaping critical response teams. The same is to be supplemented through sustained dissemination of information and knowledge. Thus this Centre is a modest attempt to refurbish the credentials of the academic community of this institution to be more vibrant and discerning to the crying needs and aspirations of the contemporary society and contribute seminally for evolving an enduring egalitarian and inclusive society. Ours is a public institution of legal learning, more than a century old which had walked alongside the momentous and critical phases of the socio-economic–political journey of our State. Hence this endeavour is only to be viewed as a realization of this heritage institution to gratify its unreserved penchant to accomplish a meaningful and purposive role that it has to imperatively adorn in this society. Website -Centre for Law Governance and Policy Studies (CLGPS)