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The Centre for Medical Law

The legal and medical professions are both intended to serve society. There is an area where medical and legal profession is depending on each other. Legal system has to take the help of medical professionals in the field of medical forensics. Any trial in a murder case will be incomplete without the post mortem report by a police surgeon. Similarly medical profession on the other hand has to take the aid of lawyers in medical negligence cases. As stated above both legal and medical profession is service oriented. However in the era of globalization, both these profession are getting increasingly commercialized. The commercialization of medical profession has resulted in the medical profession in India entering into arenas like clinical trials, surrogacy, etc. These activities though essential have certain unethical aspects, forcing the legal mechanism to intervene. Somehow this intervention is not in accordance with the interest of medical fraternity resulting in a conflict between the medical profession and the law. The main task of the Centre is to focus on research regarding problems that have arisen in those areas, where medicine and law collide. It is also intended to serve as a think-tank on policy issues in the said area.


The Centre aims to co-ordinate, carry out and develop interdisciplinary research and teaching activities in the field of medicine and law. The promotion of knowledge transfer by organizing and offering lectures, symposia. The co-operation with other similar institutions at national and international levels. The obtaining and joint monitoring of third party funded projects The support of young researchers. Public relations work for the Centre Publication of a journal on medical law with ISBN number Create awareness among the public regarding patient’s rights and duties. Propose new legislations/legislative changes on the existing medical laws

Core focus Area

The Centre’s commitment is to interdisciplinary study and bridging the gap between legal academia and the medical practitioners in the following areas Patient’s Rights, Medical Research, Medical Ethics, Medical Negligence, Emergency medical care, Access to medical treatment, Responsibilities of medical practitioners in domestic violence, Right to health of vulnerable groups.

Plan of Action

To start a journal on medical law within a span of two years. To organize annually a national workshop. It is proposed to conduct a national workshop on the responsibility towards medical profession towards the aged this year. Conduct a national seminar annually on medical law and publish the proceedings in the proposed journal. Constitute work groups consisting of legal academicians, medical professionals, lawyers, medical students and law students to discuss legislative prosposals. Dissemination of information on Medical Law among the general public and in particular student community. Constitute a task group to suggest proposals to make the Centre economically self sufficient within a period of three years.

Structure of the Centre

The activities of the Centre are being run by the Honorary Director of the Centre, Dr. Bindumol.V.C. and Joint Directors Smt. Mini Paul and Smt. Sudha.T.P. The patron of the Centre shall be the Principal. All financial and administrative decisions will be taken collectively with the approval of the Principal. There shall be a student Committee consisting of 5 students to be nominated by the Honorary Director in consultation with the Joint Directors. The number of students in the said committee can be increased at the discretion of the Director. For this academic year the following students are nominated.

1. Divya.K. 2. Ananth Vishnu 3. Hasna M.C. 4. Nimisha Raju 5. Ayyappadas V.

Students can be assigned responsibilities in the running of the Centre by the Director. All Committees will be re-constituted in due course.